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So That Be, La Lumiere de l' Esprit. 


Alongside this tasty premium vodka, the So That Be company also produces vodka, rum and gin in a variety of flavors.
All our liquors are distilled from palm juice and have an alcohol content of 40%.

We use only natural ingredients originating from South-Africa. 


So That Be premium was launched in The Netherlands in 2013. It is a unique premium quality Netherlands vodka, distilled from palm juice. Other vodkas are based on grains, for example, corn, rye, wheat or distilled from potatoes. So That Be premium is different. It is the only existing vodka made from palm juice. All ingredients are pure and organic, without artificial flavoring or other additives. So That Be premium has an alcohol content of 40%.



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The unique taste of SO THAT BE

So That Be  can help people connect and strengthen their bond. Share it with your family and friends. Serve it and make new friends. Join in raising a glass to celebrate friendship, love and life. Together, enjoy the unique ginger taste of So That Be. 

Afternoon Cocktail

a bit of history

For many decades now, So That Be has represented happiness, companionship and the celebration of life. As early as 1816, the legendary King Shaka Zulu was instructed by the Gods to welcome his people and guests with So That Be. That would protect them from evil spirits and misfortune. Still today, it is the most commonly shared drink in Africa.


Open a bottle of So That Be and discover the history and warmth of Africa. Each sip will bring you closer to the joy and celebration of the African continent. So That Be is a tribute to one of the most respected Kings Africa has known. So That Be is ­­­­not just a brand, but a reflection of two hundred years of tradition and perfection.

So That Be wodka, rum en gin

Discover the warmth, joy and festivity of Africa.


So That Be guides you through the heart of Africa to a source of light and energy, happiness and celebration.


Discover the warmth, spirit and hospitality of this vibrant continent.


Cocktail recipes

Give all varieties of So That Be a try and mix with tonic, mango juice, Coke, Red Bull or Seven Up (serving suggestion: add pealed cucumber!). For more cocktail recipes, check out our website or Facebook page. All So That Be liquors are presented in handy luxury design bottles. These eye-catchers make great gifts for any occasion.

a bit of histrory
cocktail recipes
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